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  1. Fabii Columnae Lyncei Minus cognitarum rariorumque nostro coelo orientium stirpium ekphrasis :qua non paucae ab antiquioribus Theophrasto, Dioscoride, Plinio, Galeno aliisq. descriptae, praeter illas etiam in Phytobasano editas disquiruntur ac declarantur. Item de aquatilibus aliisque nonnullis animalibus libellus ... Omnia fideliter ad vivum delineata, atque aeneis-typis expressa cum indice in calce voluminis locupletissimo.
    Publication Info: Romae :Apud Jacobum Mascardum,1616.
  2. Familles des plantes.Par M. Adanson.
    Publication Info: Paris, Vincent, 1763.
  3. The family flora and materia medica botanica :containing the botanical analysis, natural history and chemical and medical properties of plants /illustrated by colored engravings of original drawings, copied from nature by Peter P. Good ...
    Publication Info: New York :Published by the author,1845-
  4. The family herbal;or, An account of all those English plants, which are remarkable for their virtues, and of the drugs which are produced by vegetables of other countries; with their descriptions and their uses, as proved by experience /by Sir John Hill.
    Publication Info: London,George Virtue[1812?]
  5. Farlowia :a journal of cryptogamic botany.
    Publication Info: Cambridge, Mass.,1943-1955.
  6. Fauna cayanensis ...
    Publication Info: Upsaliae,excudebant Palmblad et c.[1823]
  7. Fauna surinamensis ...
    Publication Info: Upsaliae,excudebant Regiae academiae typographi[1822]
  8. Favorite wildflowers of the West Coast :portrayed on the Monterey Peninsula /by Mary Barnas Pomeroy.
    Publication Info:
  9. Favourite flowers of garden and greenhouse /by Edward Step ... ; the cultural directions edited by William Watson ... ; illustrated with three hundred and sixteen coloured plates, selected and arranged by D. Bois.
    Publication Info: London and New York :Frederick Warne & co.,1896-97.
  10. The Fern gazette.
    Publication Info: [London] :British Pteridological Society,1974-
  11. The ferns of British India :being figures and descriptions of ferns from all parts of British India (exclusive of those figured in "The Ferns of Southern India and Ceylon") /by R.H. Beddome.
    Publication Info: Madras : printed by Gantz Brothers, 1866.
  12. The ferns of Great Britain and Ireland /by Thomas Moore ... ; edited by John Lindley ... ; nature-printed by Henry Bradbury.
    Publication Info: London : Published by Bradbury and Evans, Whitefriars, 1857.
  13. The ferns of Great Britain and Ireland /by Thomas Moore ; edited by John Lindley ... ; edited by John Lindley ... ; nature-printed by Henry Bradbury.
    Publication Info: London : Published by Bradbury and Evans, Whitefriars ..., 1855.
  14. Les fleurs animees /par J.-J. Grandville ; introductions par Alph. Karr ; texte par Taxile Delord.
    Publication Info: Paris :Gabriel de Gonet, Éditeur,[184?]
  15. Fleurs, fruits et feuillages choisis de l'ille de Java :peints d'après nature /par Berthe Hoola van Nooten.
    Publication Info: Bruxelles :C. Muquardt,[1880]
  16. Flora Aegyptiaco-Arabica :sive descriptiones plantarum :quas per ægytum inferiorem et arabiam felicem detexit, illustravit Petrus Forskäl. Post mortem auctoris edidit Carsten Niebuhr.
    Publication Info: Hauniæ (Copenhagen) :ex officina Mölleri,1775.
  17. Flora Americae Septentrionalis :or, A systematic arrangement and description of the plants of North america. Containing, besides what have been described by preceding authors, many new and rare species, collected during twelve years travels and residence in that country /by Frederick Pursh ...
    Publication Info: London : Printed for White, Cochrance, and co., 1814.
  18. Flora atlantica :sive historia plantarum quae in Atlante, agro tunetano et algeriensi crescunt /auctore Renato Desfontaines.
    Publication Info: Parisiis : L.G. Desgranges, [1798-1799?]
  19. Flora australiensis:a description of the plants of the Australian territory /by George Bentham, assisted by Ferdinand Mueller.
    Publication Info: London : L. Reeve and co., 1863-78.
  20. Flora barbadensis :a catalogue of plants, indigenous, naturalized, and cultivated, in Barbados : to which is prefixed, a geological description of the island /by James Dottin Maycock.
    Publication Info: London :J. Ridgeway,1830.
  21. Flora boreali-americana :sistens caracteres plantarum quas in America septentrionali collegit et detexit Andreas Michaux.
    Publication Info: Parisiis et Argentorati : apud fratres Levrault, anno XI--1803.
  22. Flora boreali-americana, or, the botany of the northern parts of British America :compiled principally from the plants collected by Dr. Richardson & Mr. Drummond on the late northern expeditions, under command of Captain Sir John Franklin, R.N. To which are added (by permission of the Horticultural society of London,) those of Mr. Douglas, from north-west America, and of other naturalists /by Sir William Jackson Hooker.
    Publication Info: London, H.G. Bohn [1829]-1840.
  23. Flora Brasiliae meridionalis /auctore Augusto de Saint-Hilaire ; accedunt tabulae delineatae a Turpinio aerique incisae.
    Publication Info: Parisiis :Apud A. Belin,1825-1833.
  24. Flora Brasiliensis, enumeratio plantarum in Brasilia hactenus detectarum :quas suis aliorumque botanicorum studiis descriptas et methodo naturali digestas partim icone illustratas /ediderunt Carolus Fridericus Philippus de Martius et Augustus Guilielmus Eichler ; iisque defunctis successor Ignatius Urban.
    Publication Info: Monachii et Lipsiae [Munich & Leipzig] : R. Oldenbourg ; 1840-1906.
  25. Flora capensis :being a systematic description of the plants of the Cape colony, Caffraria, & Port Natal (and neighbouring territories)v. 1-7.
    Publication Info: Kent, etc. ;L. Reeve,1859-1933.
  26. Flora Capensis :sistens plantas promontorii Bonae Spei Africes, secundum systema sexuale emendatum, redactas ad classes, ordines, genera et species, cum differentiis specificis, synonymis et descriptionibus /Edidit et praefatus est I. A. Schultes.
    Publication Info: Stuttgardtiae :sumtibus J. G. Cottae; [etc., etc.]1823.
  27. Flora Capensis :sistens plantas promontorii Bonæ Spei Africes : secundum systema sexuale emendatum ... /Caroli Petr. Thunberg.
    Publication Info: Hafniae :Bonnier,1818-20.
  28. Flora caroliniana :secundum systema vegetabilium perillustris Linnaei digesta; characteres essentiales naturalesve et differentias veras exhibens; cum emendationibus numerosis: descriptionum antea evulgatarum: adumbrationes stirpium plus mille continens: necnon, generibus novis non paucis, speciebus plurimis novisq. ornata /auctore Thomas Walter, Agricola.
    Publication Info: Londini : Sumptibus J. Fraser Prostant venales apud J. Wenman, in Vico vulgo dicto Fleet-street, 1788.
  29. Flora cochinchinensis :sistens plantas in regno Cochinchina nascentes. Quibus accedunt aliae observatae in Sinensi imperio, Africa Orientali, Indiaeque locis variis. Omnes dispositae secundum systema sexuale Linnaeanum. Labore /ac studio Joannis de Loureiro ... Jussu Acad. r. scient. in lucem edita.
    Publication Info: Ulyssipone : Typis, et expensis academicis, 1790.
  30. Flora cretica /auctore Michaele Gandoger.
    Publication Info: Parisiis :A. Hermann et fil,1916.
  31. Flora de Chile /por Cárlos Reiche.
    Publication Info: Santiago de Chile :Impr. Cervantes,1896-1911.
  32. Flora de Filipinas :segun el sistema sexual de Linneo /por el P. Fr. Manuel Blanco, Agustino Calzado.
    Publication Info: Manila :Impr. de M. Sanchez,1845.
  33. Flora der umgebung der stadt Sao Paulo in Brasilien /von dr. A. Usteri ...
    Publication Info: Jena :G. Fischer,1911.
  34. Flora fluminensis.
    Publication Info: Parisiis :A. Senefelder,1827.
  35. Flora fossilis formationis oolithicae = Le piante fossili dell' Oolite /descritte ed illustrate dal barone Achille de Zigno.
    Publication Info: Padova :Tipografia del Seminario,1856-1885.
  36. Flora germanica excursoria ex affinitate regni vegetabilis naturali disposita, sive principia synopseos plantarum in Germania terrisque in Europa media adjacentibus sponte nascentium cultarumque frequentius /auctore Ludovico Reichenbach.
    Publication Info: Lipsiae : Carolum Cnobloch, 1830-1832.
  37. Flora gothoburgenesis.
    Publication Info: Upsaliae,Excudebant Regiae Academiae Typographi[1820-24]
  38. The flora homoeopathica :or, illustrations and descriptions of the medicinal plants used as homoeopathic remedies /by Edward Hamilton.
    Publication Info: London :Leath & Ross,1852-1853.
  39. Flora Indiae Occidentalis :aucta atque illustrata sive descriptiones plantarum in prodromo recensitarum / Olavi Swartz.
    Publication Info: Erlangae [Erlangen, Germany] :Jo. Jacobi Palmii,1797 (
  40. Flora indica :being a systematic account of the plants of British India, together with observations on the structure and affinities of their natural orders and genera /by J.D. Hooker and Thomas Thomson.
    Publication Info: London : W. Pamplin, 1855.
  41. Flora indica,or, Descriptions of Indian plants /by the late William Roxburgh.
    Publication Info: Serampore :Printed for W. Thacker,1832.
  42. Flora indica;or, Descriptions of Indian plants,by the late William Roxburgh. Edited by Dr. William Carey; to which are added descriptions of plants more recently discovered by Dr. Nathaniel Wallich.
    Publication Info: Serampore, Printed at the Mission Press, 1820-24.
  43. Flora Javae et insularum adjacentium.scripsit Carolus Ludovicus Blume.
    Publication Info: Lugduni Batavorum [Leiden, the Netherlands] :Impensis auctoris,1858 +
  44. Flora Javae nec non insularum adjacentium /auctore Carolo Ludovico Blume ; adjutore Joanne Baptista Fischer.
    Publication Info: Bruxellis [Brussels] :J. Frank,1828-1851.
  45. Flora mexicana /a Martino Sesse et Josepho Marianno Mociño ; exarata.
    Publication Info: México :Oficina tip. de la Secretaría de fomento,1894.
  46. Flora mexicana /autoribus Martinus Sesse et Iosephus Mariannus Mociño.
    Publication Info: Mexici :Apud I. Escalante,1887 [i.e. 1891-1897]
  47. The flora of British India /By J. D. Hooker assisted by various botanists. Published under the authority of the secretary of state for India in council.
    Publication Info: London : L. Reeve, 1875-97.
  48. Flora of New Bedford and the shores of Buzzards Bay, with a procession of the flowers /by E.W. Hervey.
    Publication Info: New Bedford :E. Anthony & Sons,1911.
  49. Flora of New Bedford and the shores of Buzzard's bay, with a procession of the flowers /by E.W. Hervey.
    Publication Info: New Bedford :E. Anthony & Sons,1891.
  50. A flora of North America :containing abridged descriptions of all the known indigenous and naturalized plants growing north of Mexico, arranged according to the natural system /by John Torrey and Asa Gray.
    Publication Info: New York : Wiley & Putnam, 1838-[1843].
  51. Flora of the British West Indian islands /by A.H.R. Grisebach.
    Publication Info: London, L. Reeve, 1864.
  52. Flora of the Hawaiian islands :a description of their phanerogams and vascular cryptogams /by William Hillebrand ; annotated and published after the author's death by W.F. Hillebrand.
    Publication Info: London :New York :Williams & Norgate ;B. Westermann,1888.
  53. Flora of the Rocky Mountains and adjacent plains, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and neighboring parts of Nebraska, South Dakota, and British Columbia /by P. A. Rydberg...
    Publication Info: New York : The author, 1917.
  54. Flora of the southeastern United States;being descriptions of the seed-plants, ferns and fern-allies growing naturally in North Carolina, South Carolin, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and the Indian territory and in Oklahoma and Texas east of the one-hundredth meridian /by John Kunkel Small ...
    Publication Info: New York : The author, 1903.
  55. Flora of the southern United States:containing abridged descriptions of the flowering plants and ferns of Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida: arranged according to the natural system /By A. W. Chapman, the ferns by Prof. Daniel C. Eaton.
    Publication Info: N. Y. : Ivison, Phinney, 1860.
  56. Flora of the U.S.S.R. /Botanicheskii institut Akademii nauk SSSR.
    Publication Info: Jerusalem :[Springfield, Va. :Israel Program for Scientific Translations ;U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Clearinghouse for Federal, Scientific and Technical Information],1968-
  57. Flora of tropical Africa /by Daniel Oliver ... assisted by other botanists.
    Publication Info: London :L. Reeve and co.,1868-1999.
  58. Flora Peruviana, et Chilensis, sive, Descriptiones et icones plantarum Peruvianarum, et Chilensium, secundum systema Linnaeanum digestae, cum characteribus plurium generum evulgatorum reformatisauctoribus Hippolyto Ruiz, et Josepho Pavon.
    Publication Info: Madrid :Typis Gabrielis de Sancha,1798-1802.
  59. Flora Pyrenaea per ordines naturales gradatim digesta /P. Bubani ; opus posthumum editum O. Penzig.
    Publication Info: Mediolani [Milan] : U. Hoeplius, 1897-1901.
  60. Flora taurico-caucasica exhibens stirpes phaenogamas :in Chersoneso Taurica et regionibus caucasicis sponte crescentes /auctore L.B. Friderico Marschall a Bieberstein.
    Publication Info: Charkouiae [Kharkov] :Typis Academicis,1808-19.
  61. Flora van Nederlandsch Indië /door F. A. W. Miquel.
    Publication Info: Amsterdam :C. G. van der Post; [etc.]1855-60.
  62. Flora vitiensis :a description of the plants of the Viti or Fiji islands, with an account of their history, uses, and properties /By Berthold Seemann; ... plates by Walter Fitch.
    Publication Info: London : L. Reeve, 1865-73.
  63. Flora oder Botanische Zeitung :welche Recensionen, Abhandlungen, Aufsätze, Neuigkeiten und Nachrichten, die Botanik betreffend, enthält /herausgegeben von der Königl. Botanischen Gesellschaft in Regensburg.
    Publication Info: Regensburg :Die Gesellschaft,1818-1965.
  64. Flora, seu, De florum cultura, or, A complete florilege :furnished with all the requisites belonging to a florists. In III books /by John Rea ...
    Publication Info: London :Printed by J.G. for Thomas Clarke ... ,1665.
  65. Florae Austriacae, sive, Plantarum selectarum in Austriae archiducatu :sponte crescentium icones, ad vivum coloratae, et descriptionibus, ac synonymis illustratae /opera et sumptibus Nicolai Josephi Jacquin.
    Publication Info: Viennæ Austriæ :Leopoldi Joannis Kaliwoda,1773-78.
  66. Florae Columbiae :terrarumque adiacentium specimina selecta in peregrinatione duodecim annorum observata /delineavit et descripsit H. Karsten.
    Publication Info: Berolini :Apud Ferdinandi Duemmleri Successores,1858-69.
  67. Florae fluminensis, seu, Descriptionum plantarum praefectura Fluminensi sponte mascentium liber primus ad systema sexuale concinnatus /Augustissimae dominae nostrao per manus ... Aloysii de Vasconcellos & Souza Brasilae ; sistit fr. Joseus Marianus a Conceptione Vellozo.
    Publication Info: Flumine Januario :ex Typographia nationali,1825.
  68. Florae fluminensis, seu, Descriptionum plantarum praefectura Fluminensi sponte nascentium :liber primus ad systema sexuale concinnatus Augustissimae dominae nostrae per manus ... Aloysii de Vasconcellos & Souza Brasilae pro-regis quarti ... /sistit fr. Josephus Marianus a Conceptione Vellozo, 1790.
    Publication Info: Flumine Januario : Machado, 1881.
  69. Florae Japonicae familiae naturales :adjectis generum et specierum exemplis selectis /auctoribus Ph. Fr. de Siebold et J.G. Zuccarini.
    Publication Info: München :Akademie der Wissenschaften,1845-1846]
  70. Florae Peruvianae et Chilensis prodromus, sive, Novorum generum plantarum Peruvianarum et Chilensium descriptiones, et icones /Hippolyto Ruiz et Josepho Pavon.
    Publication Info: Romae : Paleariniano, 1797.
  71. Florae Senegambiae tentamen,seu, Historia plantarum in diversis Senegambiae regionibus a peregrinatoribus Perrottet et Leprieur detectarum.auctoribus J.A. Guillemin, S. Perrottet et A. Richard.
    Publication Info: Parisiis, Treuttel et Wurtz, 1830-1833.
  72. Flora's dictionary /by Mrs. E.W. Wirt.
    Publication Info: Baltimore :Lucas brothers,c1855.
  73. Flore de l'Île de la Réunion.par E. Jacob de Cordemoy.
    Publication Info: [Saint-Denis, Réunion :Typographie de la Vérité,1891]
  74. Flore de Madagascar et des Comores : plantes vasculaires / publiée sous les auspices du gouvernement général de Madagascar et sous la direction de H. Humbert.
    Publication Info: Tananarive :Paris :Imprimerie officielle;Muséum national d'histoire naturelle,[1936?]-
  75. Flore d'Egypte :explanation des planches /par M. Delile.
    Publication Info: Paris :Imprimerie Impériale,1813.
  76. Flore des Antilles, ou, Histoire général botanique, rurale et économique des vegetaux indigènes des Antilles et des exotiques qu'on est parvenu a y naturaliser :décrits d'après naturae, selon le système sexuel de Linné et la méthode naturelle de Jussieu /présentée et didiée a S.M. l'imperatrice et reine par F.R. de Tussac.
    Publication Info: A Paris :Chez l'auteur :F. Schoell,1808-1827.
  77. Flore des serres et des jardins de l'Europe :ou descriptions et figures des plantes les plus rares et les plus méritantes, nouvellement introduites sur le continent ou en Angleterre ...
    Publication Info: A Gand : chez Louis van Houtte, éditeur, 1845-1880.
  78. Flore du département des Hautes-Pyrénées (publiée pour la première fois) plantes vasculaires spontanées :classification naturelle dichotomies pour arriver seul et sans maitre a la détermination des familles, des genres, des espèces table complète étymologique gravures dans le texte /par l'Abbé J. Dulac.
    Publication Info: Paris : Savy, 1867.
  79. Flore du Kouy Tcheou :copie conforme /par H. Léveillé.
    Publication Info: 1915.
  80. La flore et la pomone francaises :histoire et figure en couleur, des fleurs et des fruits de France ou naturalises sur le sol francais /par m. Jaume Saint-Hilaire ...
    Publication Info: Paris :Chez l'auteur, rue Furstemberg,1828-1833.
  81. Flore forestière :illustrée arbres et arbustes du centre de l'Europe. Description générale-organographie-culture-habitat produits principaux et accessoires. Ouvrage orné de dix-huit planches en chromolithographie contenant 350 figures.
    Publication Info: Paris :J. Rothschild,1872.
  82. Flore forestière de la Cochinchine /par L. Pierre.
    Publication Info: Paris : O. Doin [1880-1907].
  83. Flore françoise, ou, Description succincte de toutes les plantes qui croissent naturellement en France :disposée selon une nouvelle méthode d'analyse, & à laquelle on a joint la citation de leurs vertus les moins équivoques en médecine, & de leur utilité dans les arts /par m. le Chevalier de Lamarck.
    Publication Info: Paris : l'Imprimerie Royale, 1778.
  84. Flore générale de l'Indo-Chine /publiée sous la direction de H. Lecomte; rédacteur principal, F. Gagnepain.
    Publication Info: Paris :Masson,1907-
  85. Flore médicale /décrite par MM. Chaumeton, Poiret, Chamberet ; peinte par Mme E.P...... et par M.J. Turpin.
    Publication Info: Paris :Imprimerie de C.L.F. Panckoucke ...,1833-1835.
  86. Flore médicale /décrite par MM. Chaumeton, Poiret, Chamberet ; peinte par Mme E. P. ... et par M. J. Turpin.
    Publication Info: Paris :Imprimerie de C.L.F. Panckoucke,1828-1832.
  87. Flore médicale des Antilles, ou, Traité des plantes usuelles :des colonies Françaises, Anglaises, Espagnoles et Portugaises /par M. E. Descourtilz ; peinte par J. Th. Descourtilz.
    Publication Info: Paris :Pichard,1821-1829.
  88. The florist :containing sixty plates of the most beautiful flowers regularly disposed in their succession of blowing. To which is added an accurate description of their colours with instructions for drawing and painting according to nature : being a new work intended for the use & amusement of gentlemen and ladies delighting in that art.
    Publication Info: London :Printed for Robt. Sayer ..., T. Bowles ..., John Bowles & Son,[1760]
  89. The florist, or, An extensive and curious collection of flowers, for the imitation of young ladies, either in drawing or in needle-workby A. Heckle.
    Publication Info: London :Printed for J. Bowles and Son, at the Black Horse, in Cornhill,[1757]
  90. Florula ceilanica ...
    Publication Info: Upsaliæ,excudebant Palmblad et c.[1825]
  91. Florula javanica ...
    Publication Info: Upsaliæ,excudebant Palmblad et c.[1825]
  92. Florulae insularum Australium :prodromus /auctore Georgio Forster.
    Publication Info: Gottingae [Göttingen, Germany] :Joann. Christian Dietrich,1786.
  93. Florum, et coronarianum odoratarumque nonnullarum herbarum historia /Remberto Dodonaeo ... auctore.
    Publication Info: Antuerpiae :Ex officina Christophori Plantini,1569.
  94. Folia orchidacea :An enumeration of the known species of orchids.
    Publication Info: London :Published for the author, by J. Matthews,1852-[59]
  95. Forest flora of British Burma /By S. Kurz.
    Publication Info: Calcutta :Office of the superintendent of government printing,1877.
  96. The forest resources of the territories of Papua and New Guineareport by C.E. Lane-Poole.
    Publication Info: [Melbourne]:Printed and Pub. for the government of the commonwealth of Australia by H.J. Green, government printer for the State of Victoria, [1925]
  97. Forhandlinger i Videnskabs-selskabet i Christiania.
    Publication Info: Oslo.
  98. Fragmenta botanica, figuris coloratis illustrata :ab anno 1800 ad annum 1809 per sex fasciculos edita /opera et sumptibus Nicolai Josephi Jacquin.
    Publication Info: Viennae, Austriae : Typis Mathiae Andreae Schmidt, typogr. Universit., 1809.
  99. Fragmenta phytographiæ Australiæ /contulit Ferdinandus Mueller.
    Publication Info: Melbourne :Auctoritate Gubern. Coloniæ Victoriæ, Ex Officina Joannis Ferres,1858-82.
  100. Fragments on the theory and practice of landscape gardening :Including some remarks on grecian and gothic architecture, collected from various manuscripts, in the possession of the different noblemen and gentlemen, for whose use they were originally written ; the whole tending to establish fixed principles in the respective arts /By H. Repton, assisted by his son, J. Adey Repton.
    Publication Info: London :Printed by T. Bensley & son for J. Taylor,1816.
  101. Frider. Guil. Wallroth :Annus botanicus, sive supplementum tertium ad Curtii Sprengelii Floram halensem ; cum tractatu et iconibus VI Charam genus illustrantibus.
    Publication Info: Halae :Sumtibus C.A. Kümmelii,1815.
  102. Frumentorum, Leguminum, palustrium et aquatilium herbarum,ac eorum, quae eò pertinent, historia: Remberto Dodonaeo Mechliniensi Medico auctore...
    Publication Info: Antverpiae,Ex officina Christophori Plantini,1566.