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  1. La Semaine horticole et guide des cultures coloniales.
    Publication Info: Bruxelles :[s.n.],1900.
  2. La Semaine horticole et revue des cultures coloniales.
    Publication Info: Bruxelles :[s.n.],1899-1900.
  3. La Semaine horticole.
    Publication Info: Bruxelles :[s.n.],1897-1898.
  4. The Language of flowers.
    Publication Info: New-York :printed by Osborn & Buckingham,1834.
  5. Lasca leaves.
    Publication Info: Arcadia, Calif. :California Arboretum Foundation,1950-1976.
  6. LASCA miscellanea.
    Publication Info: Arcadia :Los Angeles State and County Arboretum ; Prepared for distribution by California Arboretum Foundation, Inc.,1953-
  7. Lasca News.
    Publication Info: Arcadia, Calif.,Los Angeles State and County Arboretum.
  8. Lauracées de Chine et l'Indo-Chine.
    Publication Info:
  9. Le Naturaliste :journal des échanges et des nouvelles.
    Publication Info: Paris :Bureaux à Paris,1879-1910.
  10. Leaflets of botanical observation and criticism /by Edward L. Greene.
    Publication Info: Washington, D.C. : [author?], 1903-1912.
  11. Leaflets of Philippine botany.
    Publication Info: Manila : Oriental Printing Co., 1906-1939.
  12. Lehrbuch der Botanik /von Gottl. Wilhelm Bischoff ; mit 16 lithographirten Tafeln.
    Publication Info: Stuttgart :E. Schweizerbart,1834-1840.
  13. Lehrbuch der Botanik.von Gottl. Wilhelm Bischoff.
    Publication Info: Stuttgart :E. Schweizerbart's Verlagshandlung,1839.
  14. Leopoldina :Amtliches Organ der Kaiserlich Leopoldinisch-Carolinischen deutschen Akademie der Naturforscher.
    Publication Info: Dresden : E. Blochmann & Sohn, 1859-1923.
  15. Letters of Asa Gray,ed. by Jane Loring Gray ...
    Publication Info: Boston,New York,Houghton, Mifflin and Company,1893.
  16. Lexicon generum phanerogamarum inde ab anno MDCCXXXVII :cum nomenclatura legitima internationali et systemate inter recentia medio /auctore Tom von Post ; Opus revisum et auctum ab Otto Kuntze.
    Publication Info: Stuttgart : Deutsche verlags-anstalt, 1904.
  17. Les liliacees /par P.J. Redoute.
    Publication Info: Paris : Chez l'auteur, an 13-[24], 1805-1816 [i.e. 1802-1815]
  18. Lindenia :iconography of orchids /conducted by J. Linden [et al.]
    Publication Info: Brussels :L. Linden,1891-[1897?]
  19. Linnaea:Ein Journal für die Botanik in ihrem ganzen Umfange.
    Publication Info: Berlin :F. Dümmler,1826-1882.
  20. The Linnaean fern bulletin :devoted to the scientific study of ferns.
    Publication Info: Binghampton, N.Y. :Willard N. Clute, editor and publisher,1893-1896.
  21. Linnaeus, Nuttall and Gray :dedication of marble busts erected in the Missouri Botanical Garden /by Henry Shaw.
    Publication Info: St. Louis :R.P. Studley & Co.,1883.
  22. List ... of plants for distribution and exchange during ...
    Publication Info: Bristol, England :University of Bristol, Botanic Gardens.
  23. List of a collection of dried plants made by L.J. Xantus, at Fort Tejon, and vicinity, California, near lat. 35⁰, and long. 119⁰, 1857-8 /by Asa Gray.
    Publication Info: [Boston :Boston Society of Natural History,1859]
  24. List of British ferns and their varieties /compiled by P. Neill Fraser.
    Publication Info: [s.l. :s.n.,1865?]
  25. List of hardy plants and seeds offered for exchange by the Glasgow Botanic Gardens.
    Publication Info: Glasgow :Botanic Gardens Glasgow.
  26. List of plants collected by Emanuel Samuels, in Sonoma County, California, in 1856.
    Publication Info: [Boston],1859.
  27. List of plants collected in Nevada and Utah, 1867-'69 :numbered as distributed /Sereno Watson, collector.
    Publication Info: [Washington, D.C. :United States Geological Exploration of the 40th paralled,1871]
  28. List of seeds available for exchange.
    Publication Info: Wisley, Ripley, Surrey, England :R.H.S. Gardens.
  29. List of seeds available for exchange.
    Publication Info: London :John Innes Horticultural Institution.
  30. List of seeds collected during ...
    Publication Info: Edinburgh :Printed for Her Majesty's Stationery Office,1888-
  31. List of seeds for exchange 1938.
    Publication Info: Co. Dublin, Ireland :Howth Demesne Gardens,1938.
  32. List of seeds for exchange.
    Publication Info: Dublin :Royal Botanic Gardens.
  33. List of seeds for exchange.
    Publication Info: Dublin :Trinity College Botanic Gardens.
  34. List of seeds of hardy herbaceous plants and of trees and shrubs at Průhonice ...
    Publication Info: Průhonice [Czech Republic] :Dendrological Society at Prague, Society Garden at Průhonice.
  35. List of seeds offered in exchange by A.C. Bartholomew, Park House, Reading.
    Publication Info: [Reading :A.C. Bartholomew],1913.
  36. List of seeds offered in exchange.
    Publication Info: London :Chelsea Physic Garden.
  37. List of seeds.
    Publication Info: Erfurt :G.A. Koenig.
  38. Liste der Nutz- und Nahrungspflanzen der systematischen Sammlung von Sommergewächsen :und einer Auswahl mitteleuropäischer Stauden als Grundlage des jährlichen Samenkataloges.
    Publication Info: [Dresden,1900]
  39. Liste des graines distribuées à titre d'échange pour l'année ...
    Publication Info: [Marseille] :Jardin botanique de la faculté de la médecine et de pharmacie de Marseille.
  40. Liste des graines et des plantes récoltées en ... offertes a titre d'echange.
    Publication Info: Kórnik :Arboretum i Ogrody.
  41. Liste des graines offertes a titre d'éxchange.
    Publication Info: Montargis :Imp. Ch. Charreyre & M. Midol,[1924?]
  42. Literaturberichte zur Flora, oder, Allgemeinen botanischen Zeitung.
    Publication Info: Regensburg :Königl. Bayer. botanischen Gesellschaft,1831-1842.
  43. Locupletissimi rerum naturalium thesauri accurata descriptio, et iconibus artificiosissimis expressio, per universam physices historiam :opus, cui, in hoc rerum genere, nullum par exstitit /ex toto terrarum orbe collegit, digessit, descripsit, et depingendum curavit Albertus Seba ...
    Publication Info: Amstelaedami :Apud Janssonio-Waesbergios & J. Wetstenium & Gul. Smith,1734-65.
  44. The London journal of botany :containing figures and descriptions of such plants as recommend themselves by their novelty, rarity, history, or uses : together with botanical notices and information and and occasional portraits and memoirs of eminent botanists.
    Publication Info: London :H. Baillière,1842-1848.
  45. Loudon's Hortus britannicus.A catalogue of all the plants indigenous, cultivated in, or introduced to Britain. Part I. The Linnaean arrangement... Part II. The Jussieuean arrangement... /Edited by J. C. Loudon.
    Publication Info: London : Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1830.
  46. Lunds universitets årsskrift.
    Publication Info: [Lund, Sweden :Universitets],1905/06-1959 ;