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  1. Malpighia :rassegna mensuale di botanica.
    Publication Info: Messina : g. Capra & co., 1887-89 ; Genova : Tip. di A. Ciminago, 1889-1937.
  2. Mantissa in volumen primum [-tertium] :Systematis vegetabilium caroli a Linné : ex editione Joan. Jac. Roemer et Jos. Aug. Schultes /curante I.A. Schultes.
    Publication Info: Stuttgardtiae :Sumtibus J.G. Cottae,1822-1827.
  3. Manual de plantas de Costa Rica /B.E. Hammel ... [et al.] editores ; Silvia Troyo, ilustraciones.
    Publication Info: St. Louis, Mo. :Missouri Botanical Garden,2003-
  4. A manual of the botany of the northern United States,from New England to Wisconsin and south to Ohio and Pennsylvania inclusive, (the mosses and liverworts by Wm. S. Sullivant,) arranged according to the natural system.
    Publication Info: Boston, J. Munroe;London, J.Chapman 1848.
  5. A manual of the flora of northern Idaho /Carl Epling and Joe Ewan.
    Publication Info: 1941.
  6. Manual of the southeastern flora :being descriptions of the seed plants growing naturally in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, eastern Louisiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.
    Publication Info: New York : The author, 1933.
  7. Manuel des plantes médicinales :ou description, usage et culture des végétaux indigènes employés en médicine ... /par A. Gautier.
    Publication Info: Paris :Audot,1822.
  8. Marcelli Malpighii ... Opera omnia, seu, Thesaurus locupletissimus botanico-medico-anatomicus :viginti quator tractatus complectens et in duos tomos distributus, quorum tractatum seriem videre est dedicatione absolutâ.
    Publication Info: Lugduni Batavorum :Apud Petrum vander Aa ...,1687.
  9. Martini Vahlii, profess. botan. Haun. membr. societ. lit. plur. Enumeratio plantarum :vel ab aliis, vel, ab ipso observatum, cum earum differentiis specificis, synonymis selectis et descriptionibus succinctis.
    Publication Info: Hauniae : Impenis auctoris, & prostat apud J.H. Schubothe, 1805-1806.
  10. The materia medica of the Hindus /by Uday Chand Dutt ; with a glossary of Indian plants by George King.
    Publication Info: Calcutta :Adi-Ayurveda Machine Press,1922.
  11. Matthiae de L'Obel M.D. Botanographic Regii eximii Stirpium illustrationes :plurimas elaborantes inauditas plantas, subreptitiis Joh: Parkinsoni rapsodiis (ex codice MS insalutato) sparsim gravatae. Ejusdem adjecta sunt ad calcem Theatri botanici Auaptnuala, Accurante Guil: How, Anglo.
    Publication Info: Londini :Typis Tho. Warren :Impensis Jos. Kirton Bibliopolae ...,1655.
  12. Meals medicinal :with "herbal simples, " (of edible parts) curative foods from the cook ; in place of drugs from the chemist.
    Publication Info: Bristol :J. Wright,1905.
  13. Mededeelingen van 's Rijks Herbarium.
    Publication Info: Leiden : [Rijks Universiteit, Rijks Herbarium], 1911-
  14. Medical and oeconomical botany /by John Lindley.
    Publication Info: London :Bradbury & Evans,1849.
  15. Medical botany /by William Trelease.
    Publication Info: Chicago :American Medical Association Press,1897.
  16. Medical botany :containing systematic and general descriptions, with plates of all the medicinal plants, comprehended in the catalogues of the materia medica, as published by the Royal Colleges of Physicians of London, Edinburgh, and Dublin, together with the principal medicinal plants not included in those pharmocopoeias, accompanied with a circumstantial detail of their medicinal effects, and of the diseases in which they have been most successfully employed /by William Woodville.
    Publication Info: London :J. Bohn,1832.
  17. Medical botany: containing systematic and general descriptions, with plates, of all the medicinal plants, indigenous and exotic, comprehended in the catalogues of the materia medica, as published by the Royal Colleges of Physicians of London and Edinburgh : accompanied with a circumstantial detail of their medicinal effects, and of the diseases in which they have been most successfully employed /by William Woodville ... .
    Publication Info: London :Printed and sold for the author by James Phillips ... ,1790-1793.
  18. Medical flora, or, Manual of the medical botany of the United States of North America ... /by C.S. Rafinesque.
    Publication Info: Philadelphia : Atkinson & Alexander, 1828-1830.
  19. Medicinal herbs and poisonous plants /by David Ellis.
    Publication Info: London :Blackie and Son,1918.
  20. Medicinal plants :an illustrated and descriptive guide to plants indigenous to and naturalized in the United States which are used in medicine, their description, origin, history, preparation, chemistry and physiological effects fully described ... /by Charles F. Millspaugh.
    Publication Info: Philadelphia :J.C. Yorston,1892.
  21. Medicinalflora :eine Einführung in die allgemeine und angewandte Morphologie und Systematik der Pflanzen, mit besonderer Rücksicht auf das Selbststudium für Pharmaceuten, Mediciner und Studirende /bearbeitet von Carl Müller.
    Publication Info: Berlin :J. Springer,1890.
  22. Medicinisch-pharmaceutische Botanik :ein Handbuch für Deutschlands Aerzte und Pharmaceuten /von Gottlieb Wilhelm Bischoff.
    Publication Info: Erlangen :F. Enke,1843.
  23. Meletemata botanica /auctoribus Henrico Schott & Stephano Endlicher.
    Publication Info: Vindobonae :Typis C. Gerold,1832.
  24. Memoir of a tour to northern Mexico :connected with Col. Doniphan's expedition, in 1846 and 1847 /by A. Wislizenus.
    Publication Info: Washington :Tippin & Streeper, printers,1848.
  25. Mémoire sur quelques espèces de Cactées :nouvelles ou peu connues /par Aug. Pyr. de Candolle.
    Publication Info: Paris :Treuttel et Würtz,1834.
  26. Mémoires /Société botanique de France.
    Publication Info: [Paris :La Société,1905-1921.
  27. Mémoires couronnés et autres mémoires publiés par l'Académie royale des sciences, des lettres et des beaux-arts de Belgique.
    Publication Info: Bruxelles : F. Hayez, [1858-1904]
  28. Mémoires couronnés et mémoires des savants etrangers / publiés par l'Académie royale des sciences, des lettres et des beaux-arts de Belgique.
    Publication Info: Bruxelles : L'Académie,
  29. Mémoires de la Société des Sciences Naturelles de Cherbourg.
    Publication Info: [S.l. : s.n.], 1852-[1854],
  30. Mémoires de la Société des sciences naturelles de Neuchatel.
    Publication Info: Neuchatel, Switzerland :Imprimerie de Petitpierre et Prince,1835-1914.
  31. Mémoires de l'Académie royale des sciences, des lettres et des beaux-arts de Belgique.
    Publication Info: Bruxelles, l'Académie.
  32. Mémoires.
    Publication Info: Boulogne-sur-Mer.
  33. Memoirs : Australian Museum.
    Publication Info: Sydney : The Museum, 1851-
  34. Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
    Publication Info: Boston, [etc.] 1785-19
  35. Memoirs of the Carnegie Museum /Carnegie Institute.
    Publication Info: Pittsburgh, Pa. :Published by the authority of the Board of Trustees of the Carnegie Institute,1904-
  36. Memoirs of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College.
    Publication Info: Cambridge, Mass. :The Museum,1864-1938.
  37. Memoirs of the Torrey Botanical Club.
    Publication Info: Durham, N.C. : Published for the Club by the Seeman Printery, 1889-
  38. Memorias de Academia Real das Sciencias de Lisboa.
    Publication Info: Lisboa :A Academia, 1854-1914.
  39. Memorias y revista de la Sociedad Cientifica "Antonio Alzate."
    Publication Info: Mexico, D.F.
  40. Memorie della Accademia delle scienze dell'Istituto di Bologna.
    Publication Info: Bologna :Accademia delle Scienze dell'Istituto di Bologna.
  41. Memorie della Reale accademia delle scienze di Torino
    Publication Info: Torino : Stamperia reale, 1818-1942.
  42. Mesembrianthemen :Tauschliste.
    Publication Info: Dobbertin, Deutschland :[s.n.],1930.
  43. Metamorphosis naturalis : ofte historische beschryvinghe van den oirspronk, aerd, eygenschappen en de vreemde veranderinghem der wormen, rupsen, maeden, vliegen, witjens, byen motten ende dierghelijcke dierkens meer : niet uyt eenighe boecken, maer aileenelijck door eygen ervarentheyd uytgevonden, beschreven, en de na de konst afgeteyckent / door Johannem Goedaert.
    Publication Info: Middelburg : Jaques Fierens, [1662-1669].
  44. Methodus nova muscorum : ad naturae normam melius instituta et muscologiae recentiorum accommodata /a Sam. El. a Bridel.
    Publication Info: Lipsiae (Leipzig) :J. A. Barthium,1822.
  45. Methodus plantas horti botanici et agri Marburgensis :a staminum situ describendi /auctore Conrado Moench.
    Publication Info: Marburgi Cattorum : in officina nova libraria academiae, 1794.
  46. Mexicanas plantas nuper a collectoribus expeditionis scientificae allatas :aut longis ab annis in herbario musei parisiensis depositas /praeside J. Decaisne ; enumerandas curavit Eug. Fournier.
    Publication Info: Parisiis : ex Typographeo Reipublicae, 1872-1886.
  47. Micrographia, or, Some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses :with observations and inquiries thereupon /by R. Hooke ...
    Publication Info: London :Printed by Jo. Martyn and Ja. Allestry, printers to the Royal Society ... ,1665.
  48. Midden-Sumatra :reizen en onderzoekingen der Sumatra-expeditie uitgerust door het Aardrijskundig genootschap, 1877-1879 /beschreven door de leden der expeditie, onder toezicht P.J. Veth.
    Publication Info: Leiden :E.J. Brill,1881-1892.
  49. Missouri Botanical Garden bulletin.
    Publication Info: [St. Louis :Missouri Botanical Garden],1913-
  50. Missouri Botanical Garden invites you to know our trees.
    Publication Info: [St. Louis] :Missouri Botanical Garden,1990.
  51. Mitchell's new general atlas :containing maps of the various countries of the world, plans of cities, etc. Embraced in forty-seven quarto maps, forming a series of seventy-six maps and plans, together with valuable statistical tables.
    Publication Info: Philadelphia :Published by S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr.,1861.
  52. Mitteilungen der Botanischen Staatssammlung München.
    Publication Info: Munich,H. Merxmüller.
  53. Mitteilungen der Deutschen dendrologischen gesellschaft.
    Publication Info: Wendisch-Wilmersdorf; [etc.] Thyrow (Kr. Teltow), [etc.]
  54. Mitteilungen der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft in Bern.
    Publication Info: [Bern :Naturforschenden Gesellschaft in Bern]
  55. Mitteilungen des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereines für Steiermark.
    Publication Info: Graz.
  56. Mitteilungen des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereines für Steiermark.
    Publication Info: Graz.
  57. Mittheilungen aus dem K. Zoologischen Museum zu Dresden.
    Publication Info: Dresden : Verlag von R. v. Zahn, 1875-1878.
  58. Mollusca & shells /by Augustus A. Gould ... ; with an atlas of plates.
    Publication Info: Philadelphia :Printed by C. Sherman, 1852-1856.
  59. Monandrian plants of the order Scitamineae :chiefly drawn from living specimens in the botanic garden at Liverpool, arranged according to the system of Linnaeus with descriptions and observations /by William Roscoe.
    Publication Info: Liverpool :George Smith,1828.
  60. Monatsschrift des Vereines zur Beförderung des Gartenbaues in den Königl. Preussischen Staaten und der Gesellschaft der Gartenfreunde Berlins.
    Publication Info: Berlin :P. Parey [etc.],1879-1881.
  61. Monatsschrift des Vereines zur Beförderung des Gartenbaues in den Königl. Preussischen Staaten für Gärtnerei und Pflanzenkunde.
    Publication Info: Berlin :In Kommission bei Wiegandt, Hempel & Parey [etc.].
  62. Monografia del arbol de Santa Maria del Tule /escrita por Casiano Conzatti.
    Publication Info: Mexico :Secretaria de Educacion Publica, Talleres Graficos de la Nacion,1921.
  63. A monograph of Odontoglossum by James Bateman.
    Publication Info: London : L. Reeve & co., 1874.
  64. A monograph of the genus D̲r̲y̲o̲p̲t̲e̲r̲i̲s̲ /by Carl Christensen.
    Publication Info: København :Andr. Fred. Høst & Søn,1912-19, [i.e. 1913-1920]
  65. A monograph of the genus Lilium /by Henry John Elwes ; illustrated by W.H. Fitch.
    Publication Info: London : Printed by Taylor and Francis, [1877]-1880.
  66. A monograph of the Pittidæ, or family of ant-thrushes.By Daniel Giraud Elliot ...
    Publication Info: London,B. Quaritch,1893-95.
  67. A monograph of the Turdidae, or, Family of thrushes /by Henry Seebohm ; edited and completed (after the author's death) by R. Bowdler Sharpe.
    Publication Info: London :Henry Sotheran,1902.
  68. Monograph on the sub-oceanic physiography of the North Atlantic Ocean,by Edward Hull, with a chapter on the sub-oceanic physical features off the coast of North America and the West Indian islands, by Professor Joseph W. Winthrop Spencer.
    Publication Info: London,E. Stanford,1912.
  69. A monograph on the subordo v of Amaryllideae, containing the Narcissineae /by Adrian Hardy Haworth.
    Publication Info: [Chelsea :Tilling, Printer,1831]
  70. Monographia Melastomacearum : continens plantas huius ordinis, hucusque collectas, praesertim per regnum Mexici, in provinciis Caracarum et Novae Andalusiae, in Peruvianorum, Quitensium, Novae Granatae Andibus, ad Orinoci, fluvii Nigri, fluminis Amazonum rupas nascentes
    Publication Info: Paris :a la Libraire grecque-latin-allemand ,1816-1823
  71. Monographiæ phanerogamarum :Prodromi nunc continuatio, nunc revisio /auctoribus Alphonso et Casimir de Candolle aliisque botanicis ultra memoratis. Vol. primum-[nonum].
    Publication Info: Parisiis : vol.1-8, G. Masson ; vol.9, Masson & Cie, 1878-1896.
  72. Monographie de la famille des cactées :comprenant la synonymie, les diverses méthodes de classification proposées jusqu'à ce jour pour sa division en genres et sous-genres, et quelques notes sur la germination et la physiologie suivie d'un traité complet de culture et d'une table alphabétique des espèces et variétés /par J. Labouret.
    Publication Info: Paris :Dusacq,[1858?].
  73. Monographie der Papageien :oder, Vollständige Naturgeschichte aller bis jetzt bekannten Papageien mit getreuen und ausgemalten Abbildungen / im Vereine mit andern Naturforschern herausgegeben von Chr. L. Brehm.
    Publication Info: Jena :Paris :A. Schmid ;Treuttel et Würtz,1842-1854.
  74. Monographie des picidées, ou Histoire naturelle des picidés, picumninés, yuncinés ou torcols;comprenant dans la première partie, l'origine mythologique, les mœurs, les migrations, l'anatomie, la physiologie, la répartition géographique, les divers systèmes de classification de ces oiseaux grimpeurs zygodactyles, ainsi qu'un dictionnaire alphabétique des auteurs et des ouvrages cités par abréviation; dans la deuxième partie, la synonymie, la description en latin et en français, l'histoire de chaque espèce, ainsi qu'un dictionnaire alphabétique et synonymique latin de toutes les espèces; par Alf. Malherbe ...
    Publication Info: Metz,Typ. de J. Verronnais,1861-62.
  75. Monographs in systematic botany from the Missouri Botanical Garden.
    Publication Info: [St. Louis, Mo.] :Missouri Botanical Garden,1978-
  76. Mousses de l'Oubangui /par R. Potier de la Varde.
    Publication Info: [Caen :René Viguier,1928]
  77. Mousses du Gabon /par R. Potier de la Varde.
    Publication Info: Saint-Lo :Imprimerie R. Jacqueline,1936.
  78. The musci and hepaticae of the United States east of the Mississippi River :contributed to the second edition of Gray's manual of botany /by William S. Sullivant. With eight copper-plates illustrating the genera.
    Publication Info: New York :Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor, & co.,1871, c1856.
  79. The musci and hepaticae of the United States east of the Mississippi River :contributed to the second edition of Gray's manual of botany /by William S. Sullivant. With eight copper-plates illustrating the genera.
    Publication Info: New York :George P. Putnam,1856.
  80. Musci exotici :containing figures and descriptions of new or little known foreign mosses and other cryptogamic subjects /by William Jackson Hooker.
    Publication Info: London :Printed for Richard and Arthur Taylor ... for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown,1818-1820.
  81. Musci frondosi inediti archipelagi indici :sive descriptio et adumbratio muscorum frondosorum in insulis Java, Borneo, Sumatra, Celebes, Amboina nec non in Japonia nuper detectorum minusve cognitorum /conjunctis studiis scripserunt et edi curaverunt, F. Dozy et J.H. Molkenboer.
    Publication Info: Lugduni-Batavorum (Leyden) :Sumtibus H.W. Hazenberg et soc.,1845-1854.
  82. Muscologia recentiorum seu analysis, historia et descriptio methodica omnium muscorum frondosorum hucusque cognitorum ad normam Hedwigii.
    Publication Info: Gothae : apud C. G. Ettingerum : Parisiis, apud Barrois iuniorem, 1797-1803.
  83. Muscologiae recentiorum supplementum seu species muscorum...
    Publication Info: Gothae : apud C.G. Ettingerum, 1806-1819.
  84. Museo di piante rare della Sicilia, Malta, Corsica, Italia, Piemonte, e Germania ... :con l'Appendix ad libros de plantis Andreae Caesalpini, e varie osservazioni curiose con sue figure in rame /di don Paolo Boccone ...
    Publication Info: In Venetia :Per Io. Baptista Zuccato,1697.
  85. Museum botanicum Lugduno-Batavum, sive, Stirpium exoticarum novarum vel minus cognitarum ex vivis aut siccis brevis expositio et descriptio /auctore C.L. Blume.
    Publication Info: Lugduni-Batavorum :E.J. Brill,1849-[56]
  86. Museum museorum, oder, Vollständige Schau-Bühne aller Materialien und Specereyen :nebst deren natürlichen Beschreibung, Election, Nutzen und Gebrauch, aus andern Material-, Kunst- und Naturalien-Kammern, Oost-und-West-Indischen Reisz-Beschreibungen, Curiosen Zeit- und Tag-Registern, Natur- und Artzney-Kündigern, wie auch selbst-eigenen Erfahrung, zum Vorschub der Studirenden Jugend, Materialisten, Apothecker, und deren visitatoren, wie auch anderer Künstler, als Jubelirer, Mahler, Färber, u.s.w. also verfasset, und mit etlich hundert sauberen Kupfferstücken unter Augen geleget /von D. Michael Bernhard Valentini ...
    Publication Info: Franckfurt am Mayn :In Verlegung Johann David Zunners,1704.