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  1. Tabacologia :hoc est Tabaci, seu nicotianae descriptio medico-cheirurgico-pharmaceutica, vel, ejus praeparatio et usus in omnibus fermè corporis humani incõmodis /per Johannem Neandrum ...
    Publication Info: Lugduni Batavorum :Ex Officina Isaaci Elzeviri ...,1626.
  2. A table of vegetable poisons, exhibiting the principal poisonous plants :comprising their common English name, botanic name, the class and order to which they belong in the Linnaean system, essential character by which they are particularly distinguished, native country, places of growth, time of flowering, poisonous effects and mode of treatment, &c. ; illustrated by accurate drawings of the principal indigenous plants, including the poisonous mushrooms, and some of the exotic poisonous plants cultivated in Britain /by G. Spratt ...
    Publication Info: [London] :John Wilson ... and C. Tilt ...,[1843]
  3. Tableau encyclopedique et methodique des trois règnes de la nature: Botanique. Par M. le chévalier de la Mark.
    Publication Info: Paris :Panckoucke,1791-1823.
  4. Tabulae phycologicae; oder, Abbildungen der tange.Hrsg. von Friedrich Traugott Kützing ...
    Publication Info: Nordhausen,Gedruckt auf kosten des verfassers (in commission bei W. Köhne)1845-71.
  5. Tal vid invignings acten af den nya akademiska trågården dess orangerie och samlings-salar :med Kongl. Maj.ts allernådigste tillstånd hållit i Upsala uti den nya botaniska lårosalen d. 25 Maji 1807, då tillika firades framledne archiaterns och ridderens Carl von Linnés hundra-åriga födelse-dag /af Carl Peter Thunberg ...
    Publication Info: Upsala :Tryckt hos Joh. Fr. Edman ...,1807.
  6. Tausch=Samen=Verzeichnis des botanischen Gartens der Universität Leipzig.
    Publication Info: 1856-1911.
  7. Tentamen florae Abyssinicse :seu, Enumeratio plantarum hucusque in plerisque Abyssiniae provinciis detectarum et praecipue a beatis doctoribus Richard Quartin Dillon et Antonio Petit (annis 1838-1843) lectarum /auctore Achille Richard.
    Publication Info: Parisiis : Arthus Bertrand, [1847-1851]
  8. Tentamen Pteridographiae,seu genera filicacearum praesertim juxta venarum decursum et distributionem exposita.
    Publication Info: Pragae,Typis Filiorum Theophili Haase,1836.
  9. Termesztett és cserére szánt Magvak jegyzéke.
    Publication Info: Budapest, Hungaria,1905-15.
  10. Teysmannia :magazyn van horticultuur en landbouw der tropen.
    Publication Info: Vatavia :G. Kolff & co.
  11. Theatrum fungorum oft het toonsel der campernoelien :... alles met neerstigheyt, lanck-duerige ondervindinghe, ende ijverigh ondersoecken vande schriften der ervarenste cruyt-kenders vergaedert ende beschreven /c door Franciscus van Sterbeeck.
    Publication Info: T'antwerpen :By Joseph Jacobs,1675.
  12. Theophrasti ... De historia plantarum :libri IX cum decimi principio, & De causis, siue, earum generatione, libri VI /Theodoro Gaza interprete.
    Publication Info: Lugduni :Apud Gulielmum Gazeium,1552.
  13. Thesaurus capensis :or, illustrations of the South African flora, being figures and brief descriptions of South African plants, selected from the Dublin University Herbarium /by William H. Harvey.
    Publication Info: Dublin :Hodges, Smith, and co.,1859-63.
  14. Thesaurus literaturae botanicae omnium gentium :inde a rerum botanicarum initiis ad nostra usque tempora, quindecim millia operum recensens /curavit G.A. Pritzel.
    Publication Info: Lipsiae :F. A. Brockhaus,1851.
  15. Thesaurus literaturae botanicae omnium gentium,inde a rerum botanicarum initiis ad nostra usque tempora, quindecim millia operum recensens.
    Publication Info: Lipsiae,F. A. Brockhaus,1872-[77].
  16. Thesaurus zeylanicus :exhibens plantas in insula Zeylana nascentes, inter quas plurimae novae species & genera inveniuntur, omnia iconibus illustrata, ac descripta /cura & studio Joannis Burmanni ...
    Publication Info: Amstelaedami :Apud Janssonio-Waesbergios & Salomonem Schouten,1737.
  17. Theses medicæ...
    Publication Info: Upsaliæ,[1760]
  18. Third anolis newsletter
    Publication Info: 1977
  19. Three years' wanderings in the northern provinces of China,including a visit to the tea, silk, and cotton countries; with an account of the agriculture and horticulture of the Chinese, new plants, etc.,by Robert Fortune.
    Publication Info: London,J. Murray,1847.
  20. Torreya.
    Publication Info: Burlington, Vt. [etc.] Torrey Botanical Club.
  21. Traite des arbres forestiers :ou histoire et description des arbres indigenes ou naturalises... /par M. Jaume Saint-Hilaire. Ouvrage precede d'une instruction sur la culture des arbres, par M. Thouin...
    Publication Info: Paris :de l'Imprimerie de Firmin Didot,1824.
  22. Treatise on fruit trees : including their pictures, descriptions, cultivations , &c.
    Publication Info: 1768
  23. Traité des arbres fruitiers :contenant leur figure, leur description, leur culture, &c. /par M. Duhamel du Monceau, ...
    Publication Info: A Paris :Chez Saillant, Libraire, ... DeSaint, Libraire, ...,1768.
  24. Traite des arbrisseaux et des arbustes cultives en France et en pleine terre /par M. Jaume Saint-Hilaire.
    Publication Info: Paris : chez l'auteur, 1825.
  25. Treatise on trees and shrubs grown in France and in the countryside
    Publication Info: 1825
  26. Transactions and proceedings of the New Zealand Institute.
    Publication Info: Wellington : New Zealand Institute.
  27. Transactions and proceedings of the Royal Society of South Australia.
    Publication Info: Adelaide : Royal Society of South Australia.
  28. Transactions of San Diego Society of Natural History.
    Publication Info: [San Diego] :The Society,1905-
  29. Transactions of the Academy of Science of St. Louis.
    Publication Info: [St. Louis :Academy of Science of St. Louis],1860-1958.
  30. Transactions of the Albany Institute.
    Publication Info: Albany, N.Y. :Webster and Skinners,1830-[1892]
  31. Transactions of the American Philosophical Society.
    Publication Info: Philadelphia [etc.]
  32. Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London.
    Publication Info: London : M. Bulmer & Co., 1812-48.
  33. Transactions of the Linnean Society of London
    Publication Info:
  34. Transactions of the Linnean Society of London, 2nd series: Botany
    Publication Info: London.
  35. Transactions of the Linnean Society.
    Publication Info: London : [The Society], 1791-1875.
  36. Transactions of the Wagner Free Institute of Science of Philadelphia.
    Publication Info: Philadelphia :Wagner Free Institute of Science of Philadelphia, 1887-1927.
  37. Transactions of the Yorkshire Naturalists' Union
    Publication Info:
  38. Treatise on forest trees, or, The natural history and description of native or naturalized trees with trunks between thirty and one hundred twenty feet high that are used in civil construction and shipbuilding /by M. Jaume Saint-Hilaire ; with a guide to the cultivation of trees, by M. Thouin, professor at the King's Garden ; translated by Julian B. Fleischman in collaboration with Missouri Botanical Garden.
    Publication Info:
  39. Treatise on fruit trees :including their pictures, descriptions, cultivations , &c. /by M. Duhamel du Monceau.
    Publication Info: [2008]
  40. Treatise on trees and shrubs grown in France and in the countryside /by M. Jaume Saint-Hilaire ; prefaced with a guide to growing trees and shrubs by M. Thouin.
    Publication Info: [2008]
  41. Trees and shrubs :illustrations of new or little known ligneous plants, prepared chiefly from material at the Arnold Arboreum of Harvard University /and edited by Charles Sprague Sargent.
    Publication Info: Boston :New York ;Houghton, Mifflin,1905-1913.
  42. Tromsø museums årshefter.
    Publication Info: Tromsø :Carl Hansens Bogtrykkeri,1878-1947.
  43. Trudy Imperatorskago S.-Peterburgskago botanicheskago sada.Acta Horti Petropolitani.
    Publication Info: S.-Peterburg :Imperatorskiǐ S.-Peterburgskiǐ botanicheskiǐ sad.
  44. A true & exact history of the island of Barbadoes :illustrated with a map of the island, as also the principal trees and plants there, set forth in their due proportions and shapes, drawn out by their several and respective scales. Together with the ingenio that makes the sugar, with the plots of the several houses, rooms, and other places, that are used in the whole process of sugar-making ... All cut in copper /by Richard Ligon, gent.
    Publication Info: London :Printed, and are to be sold by Peter Parker ... and Thomas Guy ... ,1673.